Most Popular Features

Simplicity & Usability

KMDProjects was developed on a simple but radical premise: The more team members you can get to want to use this tool to track their work every day, the cleaner their data will be and the better your business analyses will be.

Your number one ally is the team member who has zero face time in the executive meetings that decide the direction and fate of your company’s projects. You need their project data. Valid data.  Clean data. Data they enter into the system not as a mandated duty but as an involuntary by-product of a project management solution that they genuinely value because it makes it easier and faster to do their own job.   KMDProjects quickly becomes a familiar and comfortable extension of the software toolset your people use already.

Most Popular Features

Scope & Score

A look into the tools and features that KMD Projects has to define your project scope


Notes & Communication

Manage your notes and communication through project integration with your e-mail and remote access


Documents & Files

The role of data storage, and retrieval in project management


Scheduled Management

Use time tracking and reminders to streamline and manage the project schedule and improve worker efficiency

Task Management

Automatic creation, assignment, and management of tasks for project management

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