KMDProjects can help you implement processes that will elevate your business, delight your clients, and allow you to focus on what's most important. 

We are the project management partner that listens. 

In fact, we've been honing our products in response to customer feedback since 2008. It's how we keep KMDProjects working in the 

real world, solving real problems for real clients.

We know you have many choices for selecting a project management partner. Should you choose KMD, we’re confident you’ll discover more value, better responsiveness, and a robust, personalized experience you can’t get anywhere else. 

Put simply, KMDProjects does it all, in one place, with software that will improve your team’s efficiency and incentivize their participation. 

Time-Saving Features Built into Every Action

Keep work moving and maximize team member efficiency, every step of the way.


Project Setup

Integrate time-saving standardization into every new project. KMDProjects makes it simple. 

After you use the KMDProjects bulk team function, including fast filtering options to quickly assign the right team members, the platform automatically generates the tools and documents you need to get started: 

  • Files
  • Forms
  • Templates
  • Scheduling framework with stage and milestone goals
  • Deliverables aligned to team roles


When you streamline your project start process, teams can get to work quicker, focusing their talents on more relevant tasks right away.  

  • Product teams can begin estimating costs.
  • Sales & marketing can focus on sales and volume estimates.
  • Sourcing teams can start setting up the supply chain.

 Your project team will have a better grasp of projects from the start, allowing them to approach internal and external progress meetings with confidence and deep knowledge. 


Project Execution 

As projects get underway, KMDProjects will help your teams stay on track and on the same page.  

KMDProjects can track: 

  • Customer and Internal Deliverables
  • Design & Process Reviews
  • Customer Requirement Details
  • Gate Meeting Checklists (Pre-Meeting Tasks, Agenda Planning, Post-Meeting Actions)

No need to reinvent the wheel, either. You can import information and data from existing projects and offline updates. 

Highlight updates and comments for better visibility and streamlined editing. 

Change the Whole Game with KMDProjects Reminders  

Common program and project manager tasks will be greatly enhanced thanks to the powerful Reminders feature, which promotes accountability updates as a system-level function.  

Email action tags allow your team to waste less time working through multi-step processes to communicate status updates with specific team members.  

Efficiency Through Consistency & Organization

No matter the project size, KMDProjects can sort, file, and retrieve information with just a few simple steps. Your team will be able to find exactly what they need to complete a task.  

Files, forms and templates are automatically delivered at each stage of the project.  Standard milestones and deliverables are automatically created and assigned based on team role information.

Streamline Scheduling

System-created templates introduce more consistency to the scheduling process, helping to keep projects intuitively organized. Assigned team members and standard project information are automatically updated automatically.

Improve Meeting Efficiency

Hold more effective team meetings when you use our streamlined deliverables with advanced tracking tools. You can quickly and accurately track attendance, record minutes, emphasize action items, and deploy critical documents.  

Project Completion

When your project wraps up, team members and project managers work through Completion Checklists to ensure all tasks have been completed. 

Set up your next project with more confidence by analyzing timesheet data, communications, and team member participation. Grow your organization’s base of knowledge by maintaining an evolving catalog of tribal knowledge that will stay intact regardless of employee turnover.  

Project setup identifies risks and mitigation plans.  During the execution phase of your projects If you do need to launch your mitigation plan, the platform catalogs the outcomes for later review, so you can apply the knowledge gained to future projects. 

Proven Process Templates

New Product Development

KMD has you covered when it comes to new product development support. We understand the financial and time commitments involved with developing new products and how approval for these products hinge on an actionable, comprehensive plan. 

KMDProjects can help you create understandable deliverables to communicate information like projected margins and predicted costs for every phase of development.
As the project moves forward, you’ll be able to monitor all aspects of the process in real time. 

Technical Service Request Management

KMDProjects helps you track and organize the analyses you need, from any source. We’ll help you improve the way you work with analysts in any sector -- dynamic engineering test facilities, chemical analysis labs, and tool and mold designers, to name a few. 

When you need to organize highly complex analysis tasks, KMD is an ideal partner.

Stop duplicating work! Our advanced search tools allow employees to quickly locate the exact lab data they need, increasing performance and turnaround time. Each request is located in a dedicated, secure document store in your project database, so that everyone knows exactly where to find related data.

We can securely store lab and test results, too, saving you the hassle and needless financial investment of using an additional vendor for storage. 

Idea Incubation and Business Development

Shine a light on innovation and ingenuity, and cultivate a culture where high-level thinking is encouraged. Our streamlined communications process will allow you to explore and promote new ideas efficiently. 

Global Trade Compliance

KMDProjects puts focus on risk, compliance, and auditing so your projects adhere to the most current industry standards and regulations. Our software has proven instrumental in ensuring projects can pass the toughest government audits.

Facilities Change Management

KMD takes environmental health and safety seriously. Our flexible tools adapt to new EH&S and OSHA regulations as they are issued.


Marketing & Communications

Manage all your marketing and communications activities with KMDProjects. 

KMDProjects can help you organize:

  • Trade shows
  • Social media campaigns
  • Targeted promotions
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Bulk communications of any type


Later, you can analyze your marketing efforts to determine what worked well and what you might change next time. 

Sourcing & Supply Chain

Make more informed financial decisions with KMDProjects. You can find, review and compare new suppliers and vendors so you can make the most of important partnerships. Our built-in financial models give you the power to compare supplier terms, too. 


Flexible Customizations Align to Your Culture

Corporate Policies, Operating Procedures, Terminology, Goals, and Scoring

 We supply you with proven process templates to serve as a strong foundation. You customize that foundation with your individual terminology, goals, and scoring.

Hone in on your priorities with the help of workflow tools specifically aligned with your procedures. New team members will get up to speeder quicker thanks to intuitive tools that guide them through the process using consistent corporate terminology. 

Integrate your own corporate standards to improve executive reporting. Link existing systems and employ security and permission filters. Search for information across your multiple systems, saving you time and reducing task duplication.



We want your whole team to benefit from using KMDProjects. Without all the data, you can’t adequately analyze how the project went when it wraps up. 

We make software team members want to use by integrating functions with tools they are already using. Our clients tell us their employees are amazed at how much more efficiently they are able to complete their tasks thanks to our intuitive software integration.

Software Integration

Microsoft Outlook

Keep project emails all in one place. Microsoft Outlook integration means your team can communicate directly from the KMDProjects interface.

Outlook integration will allow your team to:

  • Utilize standard, predictable meeting and email formats tailored to your needs.
  • Link to important project elements in emails.
  • Enjoy on-the-go enhancements -- team members can add comments, make changes to task lists, and add project comments through their KMDProjects action grids.
  • Email and reply to project notes and customer emails
  • Add project files and project comments from anywhere via email
  • Reassign and update tasks via email

Harness the power of Microsoft Excel with offline data imports and financial model snapshots. You can even directly export Excel lists.

Use Microsoft Word in new ways. You can create standardized technical reports and access readable, engaging templates for all your customer-facing documents.
KMDProjects allows you to easily email or print directly to employees on the floor in shop or plant environments. 


Enterprise Systems

 Access information from everywhere, including separate enterprise systems. KMDProjects can connect you to your ERP, CRM, HR, and PDM systems from a single log-in, saving team members time and frustration.