KMDProjects has announced the latest iteration of its innovative project management tool. KMDProjects 2020 features several key updates, including new cloud computing functionality, enhanced Office integration features, and resources that help teams stay compliant with client agreements.

The latest KMDProjects version builds on the company’s goal to create a project management partner tool that brings every team member into the fold. KMDProjects knows that a better project management tool fosters more participation, and more participation leads to better project outcomes.

KMDProjects SAAS Solutions

The popularity of SAAS (Software as a Service) products has exploded across most business sectors over the past few years. KMDProjects has fine-tuned its 2020 software package to help teams seamlessly meld SAAS functions into their workflow.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Integration

These days, the typical office environment isn’t an office at all. More workers are telecommuting, often from thousands of miles away from the core team. KMDProjects 2020 makes it easier for team members to work toward project management solutions from anywhere, thanks to our all new, completely managed MS Azure Cloud solution.

Best of all, KMDProjects and Azure provide everything you need to create an efficient cloud-based office solution that works: servers, data storage, user backups, secure data access management, and more.

We’ve removed the complexity and bottlenecks that plague corporate VPN tools. Your IT team won’t need to spend their day babysitting the network, either.

On-Prem and Cloud Data Storage Features

KMDProjects 2020 helps your team quickly access essential data.

KMDProjects can help remote workers quickly access on-prem data. Plus, our hybrid data storage configurations can help you with unique data storage needs based on IP protection or regulatory requirements.

Connect to, control, and protect your data no matter where it lives—on-prem, in the cloud, or a little of both.

Office 365 Integration

Office 365 and KMDProjects are Better Together.

That’s why the company focused on Office features that help project management teams collaborate, communicate, and develop ideas:

  • Add structure to your SharePoint documents.
  • Automatically create and secure SharePoint folders
  • Standardize folder structure across group projects
  • Manage critical project form and template downloads through smart automation that can move these files directly into SharePoint folders
  • Customize KMDProjects 2020 to work with existing Office processes or use a field-tested KMDProjects template.

Enhanced Meeting Management Tools

When it comes to project management, your meetings need to matter—the value of every team member’s time cannot be overstated. Your team is busy and often working remotely across the miles.

When you gather the whole team together for a progress or strategy meeting, every minute matters. KMDProjects 2020 helps your project managers drive efficient, on-time, on-topic meetings no matter the format.

Critical actions are often lost in meeting meetings or tracked in disparate locations and formats.

Features like reminders for action items add the kind of system-driven accountability that will keep your projects moving and on target. Better organization and direct, easy access to crucial information will enhance every project stage.

Customer Contract Compliance Features

When it comes to upholding contractual obligations, it’s your name on the line. All too often, as projects expand and teams grow, it becomes challenging to keep everyone on the same page in terms of what a client contract requires.

KMDProjects 2020 can help you make sure you will never miss another customer contract requirement. You’ll be able to gather and negotiate key details critical to the success of your customer contract. You can quickly and accurately track, approve, and deliver projects on top and in compliance.

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