Just Released! KMDProjects 2019

KMD Technology Solutions announces the release of KMDProjects 2019. Having served businesses worldwide for over a decade, KMD delivers yet again with the 2019 update to their flagship software, KMDProjects. 

Global corporations benefit from the multitasking capabilities of KMDProjects. KMD combines sophisticated project management tools with automatic data collection. It’s designed especially for companies with a number of remote employees. Collect data on your employees’ progress and results without adding extra steps for them to follow. These enable your leadership team to make wise decisions and drive your business forward. These data capabilities are layered underneath a user-friendly and highly customizable interface. 

KMDProjects 2019 improves on its powerful past iterations with upgraded features and dynamic tools. Make the most of project management tools like Gantt charts and Stage-Gate models. Fully customize your layouts or use go-to templates from KMD. 

Updated Schedule Management Tools

Keep your projects on track and on time with the best of the best in schedule management software. Updates to KMDProjects include:

  • Features that enable you to establish your specialized project plan
  • Manage both internal delays and customer-related delays, allowing you to identify trending delays across a portfolio of projects
  • Gannt view for project managers
  • Stage-Gate options for launching new products

Dynamic Submission Forms 

With KMDProjects 2019, you have more control than ever in crafting the forms you use daily. Cut down on the time it takes to create projects by only requesting the information you need for each type of project. 

  • New flexible submission settings allow control over layout, requirements, guidance and more!
  • Each Process Owner can customize to their process or use one of the proven templates

Focus on Team Training/Guidance

Skills development is a hot topic right now, and KMDProjects can help you train your workforce as you go. Practical guidance tools enable you to:

  • Set intended goals and output for each stage
  • Automatically deliver required forms and templates. This is a significant time saver, as your employees will know where to find the documents and templates they need, rather than searching for them on a central repository.
  • Set up custom email formats through which you can indicate critical next actions or specify follow-up procedures.

Updated Scope and Score

Understand your portfolio of projects better than ever with new tools and models:

  • New scoring fields to quickly group large project portfolios
  • New fields for focused questions to drive more effective scope reviews
  • Automatic snapshots at each stage for easy review of changes in project scope

KMDProjects 2019

Other time-honored features of KMDProjects include simple to use time tracking spreadsheets, sophisticated yet streamlined internal communications capabilities, and advanced search tools for accessing data and notes relevant to your project. Check out KMDProjects 2019