KMDProjects was developed on a simple but radical premise

The more team members that you can get to want to use this tool to track their work every day, the cleaner their data will be and the better your business analyses will be.

Your number one ally is the team member who has zero face time in the executive meetings that decide the direction and fate of your company’s projects. You need their project data. Valid data.  Clean data. Data they enter into the system not as a mandated duty but as an involuntary by-product of a project management solution that they genuinely value because it makes it easier and faster to do their job. 

KMDProjects Everything 

Everything is all in one place making project management easy!


KMDProjects opens and displays your active projects on the Project List page.  The Project List page is a powerful, productivity enhancing tool to help you find and update your projects quickly and easily so you can get back to work. 

Advanced group, sort, filter and design features allow you to customize your Project List view.  With the extra project information columns available, it is easy to find your projects no matter what the search criteria.

Project Folders, Documents and Files

Template based project folders are created with the folders and files your team needs to get work started.  Classic file shares with Windows File Explorer access.  All users already familiar with files and folders.  Most efficient file interface available. No need to email files, store files locally or on thumb drives.  All project team members know exactly where to go to find the files they need.

Large projects with lots of files? No problem …

Write a report last year?  Need it for a current project? No problem …

Advanced search tools provide full text searching of project files.  Your team can store all project files with the confidence that they can be found again in the future.

Notes and Communication


Capture the human readable story for the entire life of the project.  Meeting Minutes, Progress Updates, Customer Feedback, Scope Changes, Lessons Learned and more…  No information is lost due to email retention policies or poorly managed local folder structures.  No need to store a word document for each set of meeting minutes

Enter a note into the notes form and click Save and Send Email to automatically generate an email already addressed to all the members of the project team.  The email contains the note entered and a link to the project.  Simple, predictable email format allows for quick easy consumption by the recipients

Integrations with MS Outlook and Exchange allow for automatic capture of project emails.  Create and Reply to Notes wherever and whenever by sending an email to KMDProjects

On an airplane; no WiFi?  Simply reply to an email sent via KMDProjects just like any other email and KMDProjects will automatically save your reply as a note. Sitting at the Customer’s facility for a meeting?  Enter your meeting minutes into a new email message and when you are done, send the email to KMDProjects to have it stored as a note and immediately forwarded to all team members.

Advanced Notes viewer provides powerful searching and reporting of project notes.  Easily create MS Word report of search results.  Great for sending project highlights up the chain of command.

Deliverables, Tasks and Milestones

Simple, intuitive interface provides quick access to manage your deliverables.  Spend less time tracking your work and more time doing your work.   Advanced group, sort, filter and design features allow you to customize your Deliverable List view and drill into the work that is most important.

Import deliverables from existing or template projects for cleaner, faster, new project setup.  Also helps new employees follow company best practices.  Link external systems data via deliverables; Documents in PDM system, Sales Orders and Invoices from ERP system, and/or Sales Opportunities from CRM system

Time Tracking

Keep a close eye on the time spent for each project.  Simple, intuitive, weekly timesheet provides easy access to hours spent, hours remaining and progress notes. Charge time directly to projects you are working on. Timesheets are automatically populated with all your active projects.  With just a few clicks you can add or remove projects from your timesheet.