KMDProjects 2018 Released !

New KMDProjects Management Software Released for Global Corporations


With a focus on supporting global corporations in project management and trade compliance regulations, KMD Technology Solutions has announced the launch of its latest KMDProjects software,  KMDProjects 2018.

New Trade Compliance Tracking Capabilities

With the newest version of KMDProjects, there are now effective templates available for managing technical license requests from the United States government. These licenses, such as Technical Assistance Agreements, require substantial tracking and auditing procedures. Technical data is now collected and easily accessible throughout the entire lifecycle of the license, from the initial request from the government to the report and audit. 

The upgraded software also integrates with KMD Technology Solutions' existing template for new product development, providing corporate teams with the ability to track information required by government regulations. Examples of regulations that have strict federal tracking requirements include International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).


New Task Management Features 

Along with new technical licensing and global trade compliance features, the new KMDProjects 2018 software offers new task management features for a smoother work flow:

  • Improvements to  layout and configuration make it easier to integrate into daily, team-based initiatives. 
  • New filters offer quick identification of upcoming and overdue tasks.
  • Tracking options for milestones and deliverables facilitate work completion without wasting time on sorting and searching.
  • Identification and classification fields provide many different reporting options. 
  • Quick and easy project set up options that incorporate lessons learned from previous projects.


New Financial and Schedule Dashboards

 The new KMDProjects 2018 software also provides new dashboards for financials and scheduling that offer easy visual indicators of when

  • project costs exceed cost projections,
  • revenue falls short of sales projections, or 
  • key schedule dates are missed.


Existing Features Continue to Enhance Efficiency 

The new highlights of KMDProjects 2018 software expands upon already proven features, which include:

  • Proven process templates for a wide range of Project Management requirements
  • Resource , Expense and Sales projections for close budget monitoring.
  • Convenient notes section that consolidates meeting minutes, progress updates, customer feedback, scope changes and lessons learned during the project.
  • Weekly timesheets that grant project managers quick access to hours spent and progress made.

This simple, searchable solution allows all team members to collaborate on files, notes, schedules, finances and much more. Managers and team leaders can share vital communication regarding the scope and progress of important work. This helps work flow move more smoothly – even for international collaborations ranging from a quick turn-around to 25-year initiatives. 

Other customizable options for this new software include modules for detailed resource planning, facility requirements & safety compliance, approvals & audits and more.


Learn More About KMD Technology Solutions

Since 2008, KMD Technology Solutions has provided global project portfolio management systems now used by more than 1,400 users in over 50 cities throughout the world. Their clients appreciate the seamless integration with CRM, ERP, PDM, HR and payroll systems, as well as the more than 2,500 financial projection models to date. The company also works technical service request management with a focus on the aerospace & defense, automotive, building construction, industrial equipment, oil & gas and commercial vehicle industries.

To learn more about the tools available, go here

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