KMDProjects 2017 Has Been Released!

Brand New Features


Sorting and Filtering

  • "Filter As You Type" allows you to see results immediately as you are typing, giving you lightning-fast access to the information you need.
  • That information can be filtered with "Advanced Filtering", which allows you to filter one or more columns at once and enter multiple filters into one column by separating with commas.
  • "Drag and Drop" grouping makes it easy to hide and show selected sections on command and to summarize and count data items.
  • Groups can also be customized into new themes. With multiple color displays to choose from, you will be able to make your pages easy to differentiate and browse through.


Team Organization

  • Improvements to the "Filter and Find" feature make team member names populate as you type in their last name, making it easy to find someone on the team with just a few key strokes.
  • Our new "Team Member Deactivation" feature allows you to deactivate a team member from your project without being required to remove them from the permanent record. This leaves a tidier and more accurate report of the history of the project than removal does. 
  • Teams can quickly be put together using the "Quick Add" panel that allows you to conveniently choose from the list of team members.


Improved Search Page

  • Great for new team members trying to determine what data is available.
  • Lessons Learned can be easily found by searching Notes and Project Folder Content.
  • Search results are filtered using the built-in security layer of KMDProjects.


All Added to an Established Program

All of these new features have been added to the list of functionalities you have come to expect from KMD Technology Solutions, including:


The Project List Page  - Allows you to quickly open and display your active projects and sort through, filter and update them as needed.


Project Folders, Documents and Files  - Have all of your project files in one safe, easy-to-access place. Team members can easily find whatever

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